By Andrew

Well, figured I might as well add my story, as other fellow bloggers have done. Note that this is in an abbreviated stage, shortened to assignment/manageable length. It will be added to. 

The White Planet

Chapter 1

The golden headed girl sang softly as she picked through a patch of clover, looking for a lucky four-leafed one. A boy slightly older than the girl lay against a tree, reading as the wind tousled his brown hair. A dog lay by the boy with its head in his lap as the boy stroked it. A young woman about the age of thirty or so looked on the tranquil scene as she pinned clothes out to dry, kept a fire in check, and stirred a pot hanging over the fire. She hummed the tune of the song the little girl was singing. 
The dog, laying by the boy’s side, looked up into the morning sun, then laid his head back down. His tail wagged as the boy scratched under his ears. The boy looked up into the tree he was lying under when he heard the sound of a large insect. The sound of the insect wasn’t especially odd; it was the fact that something landed in the tree, something that sounded as if a huge squirrel had just jumped onto a branch. The tree, being too thick to see all the way to the top, hid whatever it was from view. Just a bird, the boy thought. The boy resumed his reading until, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something moving on the top of the house, where the two sides of the roof met. The boy watched with growing interest as the something materialized into a hunched being, crouched on the roof. The boy’s interest immediately turned to horror as the being raised a rifle and shot the woman hanging up clothes. She fell to the ground, killed immediately. The little girl, looking up at this disturbance, sat and stared for 5 seconds, then screaming and running to the boy. A shot felled her too. The boy felt something hard hit his shoulder and… 

“AAGH! NO! No…no…” A young man launched himself upright in his bed, bare-chested. He sobbed, hugging himself and whimpering “No…no…no…no…” A young woman, awakened by his sobbing, tried to comfort and put her hand on his face. 
“What’s wrong?” 
“Shut up,” the man replied, swatting her hand away. 

In the year 2491, after the discovery of inter-universal travel, the long unanswered question of humankind was finally answered. Humans were not alone in the universe. With the discovery of planets Fortitude (formerly named GX-2087-4) and Kivijametsa (formerly FR-2329-8) non-human life was found on other planets. Kivijametsa was home to the traditional aliens, hostile beings that wished to decimate every planet in every universe. They were soon named ‘Havittaja,’ Finnish for ‘Destroyer.’ Most were lizardlike in appearance, with iridescent blue and green scales, long tails, and many with spikes on their backs. Some possessed wings. Kivijametsa, being the size of Jupiter back in the Milky Way galaxy, was home to well over 500 billion of these aliens, with more being ‘hatched’ every month. The Havitts reached adulthood within weeks of hatching, and their lifespans were equal to that of Galapagos tortoises’. They were familiar with inter-universal travel, but oversight had caused them to find no life on Earth. The Milky Way galaxy, in proportion to other galaxies, was relatively small. Surprisingly, the chance of life on any planet in the Milky Way was smaller than the chance of any other galaxy. However, some beings considered it no force of chance that humans existed. 
The planet Fortitude was an entirely different matter, however. This planet completely threw everything that humans believed about the supernatural upside down. Fortitude resembled Earth in every aspect. Climates were the same, oxygen levels were the same; Fortitude was an almost exact twin of Earth. The only differences were the placement of land mass and the population. Humans didn’t live in Fortitude; cryptozoological creatures did. With the discovery of Fortitude, legends such as the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and Mothman were found. Every single cryptid creature ever believed to exist by man was discovered. It was also revelealed that between planets Fortitude and Earth, there were types of portals, doorways through which Fortitudians and Earthlings could pass. Fortitudians rarely passed through these doors, and Earthlings did even less than that. These doorways were what began the rumors of the existence of cryptids. Bigfoot creatures would pass through the doors and frighten humans in the Alps, Himalayas, and other norther forests. Sea Serpents (christened with names such as the Loch Ness Monster and Champ on Earth) would find doors deep in the oceans and end up in lakes or other oceans on Earth. Humans on Earth who claimed to be abducted by aliens had experienced nothing less than an accidental entrance into Fortitude and seen cryptid creatures. The extremely interesting part was that no human could stay in Fortitidue long enough to get a feel of the place. Those who had been there hardly remembered it. 
All this comes into the story of General Asero Mata, a young man torn with grief and consumed by revenge. A literal genius, Mata had almost singlehandedly defended Earth by his inventions. He was master of physical sciences and possessed an extraordinary understanding of war tactics. These abilities allowed him to create the most effective weapons ever seen by man. His invention of the Galactic and Interplanetary Leading and Guiding Armor Mesh, known as GILGAMesh for short, leveled the playing field for humans, making them the immediate equals in strength and agility to the Havitts. The GILGAMesh, a full body suit similar to artificial leather, utilized the wearer’s nervous system and heightened it with an artificial system of its own, letting the wearer perform feats a normal human couldn’t ordinarily do. A head covering completed the mesh, equipping the wearer with full suit control only by thinking about movements. A strip of metal sensitive to brain waves picked up the thoughts of the wearer, sending them down the artificial nervous system. This triggered a response to any extra gadgets the wearer might be using along with the suit. These gadgets might include metal cables, small flamethrowers, or magnetic pads. Paired with articles of armor made of a top secret metal, the entire suit transformed the wearer into a living weapon. 


Chapter 2

Wing Captain Elimelech Buttons stared out of the windshield of the Omega Class war vessel. This particular vessel was the Intrepid Wolf, Captain Asero Mata’s personal inter-universal ship. Equipped with soldier’s barracks and a regular armory, the Intrepid Wolf was a virtual flying fortress. Asero had had it heavily modified, however. Million gallon tanks were built into the bottom decks. These tanks replicated the Great Australian Barrier Reef and were home to thousands of captive animals, including several great white sharks. Asero spent many days at a time staring into those tanks, searching for relaxation and relief to his perpetual hatred and need for revenge. Nothing had helped him. Not even marriage could lighten his disposition. Elimelech had though it a good idea that Asero marry the theater actress Athalea Gorman. The actress, a family friend of Elimelech, had mentioned that she greatly admired the young captain. Elimelech had thought it a good idea for them to meet and introduced them at a banquet, where Athalea had been nominated for an award for her work in a recent play. She lost the award, but as Elimelech thought at the time, she’d won a loving husband is Asero. He was wrong. He mistook politeness for attraction, common courtesy for love. Soon after Athalea’s and Asero’s marriage he saw his mistake. Although Athalea loved Asero, there was no return of the feeling. He was still utterly driven to revenge and cared nothing for anyone, not even his new bride. He merely tolerated her. All this Elimelech reflected on as he waited for Asero to arrive at the bridge. Today the 4th Division was expected to encounter a sizeable army of Havitts, and Asero was required to emerge from his solace of the artificial reefs. 

“Sir, we will encounter the hostiles in 0300 hours.” 
“Thank you, Sergeant. Send me through to the captain’s chambers.” 
A small screen emerged from the array of buttons and levers. It flickered and showed a homey room, filled with books, leather furniture, and a fire crackling in one corner. 
“Captain,” said Elimelech. A blonde woman walked into view of the screen. 
“Athalea,” the commander said in acknowledgment. “Where’s Asero?” 
“He should be on his way to the bridge. He left the room about a half hour ago.” The commander sighed. “Thank you.” 

Blue light filled the room, with patterns of water dancing across the wall. The shadow of a tuna glided across the face of Captain Asero Mata. A twenty-two year old man, his face already bore several slight scars. His black hair hung around his head, swept away to reveal his grey eyes. His face was clean shaven, free of any facial hair. A look of disdain lingered about his face. Clothed in the GILGAMesh, he stared at the undulating anemones and seaweed. He didn’t turn to face his friend, Elimelech Buttons, as he walked into the room. 
“You do know we’re scheduled to entertain a battalion of Havitts, don’t you?” Asero took his time to respond, and when he did, it wasn’t to the pressing situation at hand. 
“Aren’t they beautiful?” 
“Um, that’s not really my opinion, but you think what you want. Personally I think they look like horrible lizard–” 
“Shut up. I mean the jellyfish. They’re so gentle and soft, but one touch…Not like this moray eel here. No, you can tell it’s dangerous. You know to steer clear of it.” He paused. “Which would you rather be, Buttons? Would you rather look nice and inviting, but really be dangerous, or would you rather be dangerous and look so?” 
“My friend, I’d rather be dangerous and look so. But I’d rather be a sight prettier than the moray eel. Ha ha, come on, let’s get ready for the battle.” 


Chapter 3

Two and half hours later, Asero paced the bridge. He was working himself into a feverish state, anticipating the imminent battle and imagining the blood he would spill. Nothing could quite give him joy like riding on a Flytube, guns blazing and sword glistening as he helped rid the universe of the disgusting Havitts. He stared at the radar, showing the approach of three war vessels, ten smaller universal skiffs, and thousands upon thousands of swarming Havitt soldiers, flying on their ten foot long wings through the vacuum of space. He spun around, enjoying the clicking of his armored boots on the titanium walkway. He checked all four guns holstered in various places on his body, then the flamethrower on his left arm and the electric field generator on his right. Making sure the gravity cables on each arm were secure, he then turned to his sword, fastening and refastening the sheath to his left leg. He turned to Elimelech. 
“The men are prepared, correct?” 
“That is correct. Shall I give the launch signal?” 
“Go ahead. It’s about time.” Elimelech turned to the man at the control board, signaling with two fingers. The man turned, punching a button which set off a series of klaxons and lights. On one section of the windshield, a heads up display lit up. It gave two different angles of the oncoming battle: a look from the top and look from the angle of the opponents. Asero directed his attention to the control board man and all the assistants as Elimelech suited up.
“Don’t fire until you’ve absolutely locked on. Focus on the bigger ships first, I’ll take care of as many of the smaller ones as I can. Remember they have forward facing cannons, we don’t. Ease in as quickly as possible then hold still and give them everything we’ve got.” He turned as Elimelech fastened on his helmet. 

The two strode through the doors leading to the hangar. Thousands of men were lined up on either side of panels which looked like giant doors etched into the floor. Every man was holding a tube. This was called the Flyboard II, or Flytube as the soldiers more aptly named it. It possessed extraordinary hover and flight capabilities, powered by fans instead of jets. A panel in the bottom concealed twenty flat detonators, stacked at an angle against each other. These could be released with a thought from the user, as the Tube possessed the same qualities as the GILGAMesh did. The user controlled it with his mind. 
Asero waited until the floor doors slid open. Breathing in the nothingness of space, he let it fill him until he didn’t care for anything but the death of his enemies. He watched unfeelingly as the doors split apart and waited to give the command to charge. Five…four…three…two…one…his arm swept down in a quick motion. The men jumped out in groups of 20, stepping onto their tubes and speeding off. 
Asero’s hair was swept around by the winds created from the vacuum. Fastening on his helmet, he powered up the displays that showed him where his allies and enemies were. The displays also showed his current suit power, the ammunition he still possessed, and the location of any ships in the area. It included a tether to the other soldiers allowing him direct contact with any of them. He hurled his tube out of the door and, running after it, launched himself into space, landing on his tube. 
“Green division, get between the two ships on the right and stay there. Blue, ships on the left. Gold division follow me. Silver, hang back and prepare to reinforce.” With that, Asero severed his connection with the common soldiers and narrowed it to only Elimelech and the other three commanders, although he barely talked to them or even acknowledged them. Pulling out his pistols, he prepared for slaughter. 
Firing, emptying, loading, firing, emptying, loading…it was routine for Asero. His whole life was devoted to death. He picked off seventy-one Havitts before they were too close for long range weapons. He holstered his pistols and unsheathed his sword. He parried a blow from a Havitt, returning with a fatal blow to the midsection. He accelerated his tube, flying through the Havitts, severing heads, wings, arms, and legs. He made his way to the closest of the smaller Havitt ships, fighting all the way. Speeding through the hangar of the ship, through which Havitts were constantly pouring out, he powered down his tube and killed any Havitts who had seen him enter. He ran quietly through the corridors of the ship, ducking behind walls when any Havitt ran past. He found his way to the control room, where he began destroying any and all Havitt soldier or commander. He found himself confronted by the Lieutenant of the ship. The alien unsheathed two large scimitars and screeched at Asero. Asero spun as he blocked a blow, returning the strike only to have it parried. He ducked as a scimitar whistled over his head. Spinning on one foot, he kicked the alien in the throat with his other foot. As the monster recoiled, grunting, Asero put out his arm and fried the creature with his electric field generator. Picking up one of the alien’s dropped scimitars, he hurled it at a group of Havitts running towards him. He proceeded to blast away all the controls of the ship, rendering it useless. Running back to the hangar, he regained his tube and sped out of the ship. Behind him, the vessel slowly fell downwards. He proceeded to do the same to another ship. Entering the same way he did the last time, he ran silently through the corridors. He paused and his behind some sort of a statue as a man walked silently past. 
“What the–?” thought Asero to himself. A man in a Havitt warship? He followed silently behind the man. He wore a long black leather jacket that reached down to his feet. His hair, blonde, was swept back. His blue eyes were accented by a red circular scar reaching from one eye, over his forehead, to the other eye. His right arm was gloved. His left arm was hidden from view in the sleeve of his jacket. A long rifle was slung over his back and a straight sword was buckled around his waist. Asero watched as the man approached a small control panel. Flipping open the cover, he put his left arm close to the panel. Asero heard a metallic twang. The control panel glowed, and a hidden door next to it sprang open. The man quickly plunged into it and the door slid closed. 
Odd, thought Asero. Why would a man wearing no armor be walking unchallenged through a Havitt ship? He turned and made his way to the control room. This time he shot every alien. Sabotaging the controls in the same way, he quickly flew out of the ship and rejoined the battle outside. 
He ducked a swipe from a Havitts axe, then ripped off the krypton mask from the mouth of the alien. He watched as it succumbed to the emptiness of space, thrashing as it suffocated. Satisfied with his deed, he turned to face nothing but a gigantic blade bearing down on his face. He turned his head to the side quickly enough to turn the blow, but the blade still managed to shear away part of his helmet, almost baring his face to the extreme cold of space. A red light flashed in his face as the warning sensors built into the helmet screamed “ARMOR BREACH!” 
“I’ve had an armor breach. I’m heading back to the Wolf. I won’t be coming back into the fight, it’ll be over by the time I get it repaired. 
“Aye aye, Captain. We’ll win you a good one.” 
With that, a disappointed Asero turned back and headed for his ship. 


Chapter 4

Half an hour later found him in his room of the coral reefs. He had dismantled his helmet and was welding a new piece to it. He looked up quickly when he heard someone enter the room. It was his wife. 
“Why are you back so early?” 
“I had an equipment malfunction. One of them nearly cut through my helmet.” Athalea gasped. 
“Are you alright?” she asked, laying her hand on his shoulder. He shrugged it off. 
“I’m fine. Could you leave me alone?” She stood up and sighed. 
“How many did you kill this time?” 
“Go away now.” She sighed. A single tear rolled down her cheek. 
“I wish you didn’t hate me.” Asero rolled his eyes as she left the room. Unknowingly, he had activated the ‘record video’ function on his his helmet. It had recorded his entire conversation with her. 

“Captain! Captain! Hey, Asero!” Elimelech Buttons ran through the corridor leading to Asero’s chamber of peace. He found Asero laying back on the bed in the chamber. 
“What do you want?” 
“We won. Twenty-three casualties, thirty-four wounded. We’ll need to replace around seventy pieces of equipment.” 
“Very well. Buttons, have you seen any men fighting alongside the Havitts?” 
“Of course not, sir. That would be ridiculous.” 
“Not so much as you think. I saw an odd looking man in one of the Havitt warships today. He wasn’t armored and he walked through the ship as if he was in a natural environment.” 
“Odd. I’ve seen nothing of the sort.” 

The next day, Asero woke up in his chamber. He was surprised to find his wife next to him. He paused for a moment before getting up. 
She really is a beautiful woman, he thought. The blue water patterns jumped over her face. Then he sighed in disgust. I have no need for her though. A relationship is pointless. I don’t need it. He got up, heading to the bridge. 

“Elimelech, I’m taking a check around the hull of the Wolf. I’ll be back in about three hours.” Suiting up, Asero made his way to the hangar. He waited until the doors slid completely open, then hurled his tube out. Flipping into the air, he landed on it and took off around the ship. 

About twenty minutes later, Elimelech’s voice sounded in Asero’s head. 
“Asero, we’ve got a Havitt patrol ship on our radar. You should come in in case they fire on us.” 
“I’ll be fine.” 
“Shut up, I’ll be fine.” He severed communications. He wasn’t aware of the gigantic Havitt crawling over the side of the Wolf toward him until it was too late. It ripped him off and flew off with him. He managed to yank out one of his pistols and get the alien in the eye. It would have screamed in pain had the vacuum of space not shut out the sound. It let go of him and clawed at its face. He shot it several more times until it was riddled with holes. He turned to go, but was cornered by five more aliens. One held some sort of box in its scaly fingers. He rushed toward them, unsheathing his sword and simultaneously reconnecting contact with the Wolf. 
“Buttons, it’s a trap. I ne–” He was cut off as the alien holding the box hit a button. All functions of his suit ceased. He was a normal human. The last thing he thought before he was pummeled into unconsciousness was “I should’ve protected it against an EMP.” 

Elimelech slammed his fist into the control panel. The jerk, he thought. He’s pretty much cost us the war with his arrogance. Now he’s kidnapped. 
“Get thirty men out there now and recover him.” 
“Yes sir.” Elimelech listened as the radio man relayed the instructions to Commanding Officer Wayne Patrick. Folding his arms, Elimelech watched the rescue party head out after the five aliens and their captive. He jumped in surprise and despair when a rain of bullets decimated the thirty men. 
“Where’d that come from?” Elimelech demanded. 
“Sir, it appears we have a regular army on the side of our ship! Look!” A screen flashed and showed at least three thousand Havitts clinging to the side of the Intrepid Wolf. Elimelech’s arms tightened as a gigantic Havitt war vessel appeared out of nowhere next to the Wolf. 
Invisibility? Where did they get that technology? 
“You are trapped and have nowhere to go, no one to call for help,” a voice said through the speakers. “You can do nothing but surrender.” 
“Release the missiles. Everything we’ve got. Nuclear warheads, everything.” A flurry of the most destructive missiles ever known to man rushed out of the cannons of the Wolf. One of these missiles had the power to decimate a planet the size of Earth. The Wolf keeled over by the impact; the Havitt vessel, nothing. No damage appeared on the hull of the warship. Another screen activated, showing the worried face of Athalea. 
“Elimelech, what’s wrong?” 
“We’ve, uh, been captured, I believe. Asero’s gone.” The woman turned pale. She left the view of the screen. 
“I suppose she fainted,” said Elimelech. 


Chapter 5

Asero woke up, battered. The heads up display of his helmet flickered to life. Pretending to still be unconscious, he requested a map of the universe to show up and his present location. The map projected that they were somewhere in the vicinity of Kivijametsa, the Havitt planet. Asero checked for all power functions; he was surprised to see that his tube was still attached to his feet. His flamethrower had been crushed but fortunately his electric field generator was still operable. He shocked the Havitt holding him and drew one of his pistols. He killed all the remaining Havitts, but not before one of them pressed the button on the EMP again. Asero had escaped, but he was free to do nothing but float in the vastness of space. It would be several hours before his suit powered up again. He decided to try to sleep. The last thing he thought he saw before slipping into unconsciousness again was a solid white mass. 

Elimelech Buttons sat in a prison cell across from Asero’s wife, Athalea, who sat in her own cell. Several other men sat in cells in the same corridor: Wing Commander Tyrelle Mannard, Sergeant Bill Hallings, Lieutenants Charlie Mertz and Frank Frederickson, and Privates George Ball, Jason Kylinger, and David Parks. All the other men had died in a last attempt to be free of of the Havitt warship. The survivors had been hauled in and thrown into cells specifically created for humans, with breathable air. 
“There’s a dead body in here,” complained Lt. Mertz. 
“Yeah, well, there’ll soon be two,” replied Tyrelle. “We’re pretty much done for now.” 
“As true as that may be, Commander, we continue to fight,” said Buttons. “We may have an opening.” 
“No we won’t. Not with that whiny General gone,” said Frederickson. “He’s stupid but he would’ve been the only ticket out of here.” He stopped as the door to the corridor opened and admitted several Havitts, holding axes, swords, and rifles. A man walked in behind them, clothed in a grey jacket, a black shirt, and black pants. He wore knee length boots and had a short cape buckled onto his back. Black gloves completed his menacing attire. 
“Surprised to see me, are you not? Appalled at the fact that your own kind would join these ‘monsters’? Perhaps you’re surprised to see that a human being can breathe krypton as naturally as can any Kzygic? That’s their true name, by the way, it isn’t ‘Havitt’ as you call them.” 
“Who are you and how do you do this?” 
“Why, thank you for setting up such a grand avenue for me to expound upon this condition. I am Richard Whalburn, a former Spaniard and Earthling. I would have joined your pathetic army had I not been captured and shown the true light. The Dark Light. You see, the Kzygic found a way to cross breed DNA without rendering the structure unstable and susceptible to any and every disease. This is, as you know, something you humans struggled with ever since Watson and Crick discovered the double helix at the end of the Stone Ages in 1953. Alien intelligence proved more knowledgeable in some ways than did humans. You discovered space flight whereas they discovered invisibility. You discovered the nuclear bomb while they uncovered the secrets of telepathy. Same with cross-breeding. Their discovery was so marvelous that they were able to cross breed without actually being in touch with the creature. There were some preliminaries to get through, of course, including the host’s predisposition and personality, that sort of thing. This led to cross bred humans on Earth. One example is that singer, I forget his name. Everyone called him an alien, jokingly, of course. Turns out he was truly half alien. You see, the Kzygic have been among you all this time. Now this leads to some pretty interesting consequences. The cross bred individuals look like humans, and even retain some traits: the breathing of air is one such example. Everything else is Kzygic. The strength, the speed, the intelligence…Haunting, isn’t it?” Elimelech stared. 
“You’re kidding.” Were the only words he could make out. 
“Oh no, not at all. In fact, before you are tortured/killed, we came to make this visit to see if any of you would like to undergo this operation.” Frederickson stepped forward. 
“FREDERICKSON! YOU-” Elimelech was cut off by Frederickson. 
“Shut up.” Whalburn motioned for one of the guards to open Frederickson’s cell door. He handed him a breathing device. 
“Here, Use this until you can breathe krypton naturally.” They left the room. 
Elimelech slumped against the wall of his cell. 


Chapter 6

White tendrils of…smoke…flew around, blown about by an unseen force. Everything was white. No color existed whatsoever. The world was blank and nothing existed. Except for General Asero Mata, held still, floating, by fingers of the smoke. His head was bowed and his hands hung at his sides. Inside his mask, his eyes were closed. But in his mind, a strange conversation was taking place. 
WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME, a voice thundered. Asero’s head ached. His mouth moved and his voice sounded, but there was, to anyone watching, no audible reply. 
“Who are you?” 
“Why am I imprisoned here?” 
“Well whatever it is, let me out of it.” A massive ringing invaded Asero’s mind. It began small, but it poured over his brain like a waterfall. He felt as if everything inside him was bathed in the ringing. 
“I’ve had enough lessons in my time.” The voice ignored him. 
“How cliché. I’ve heard that before.” 
“I suppose that means something special.” 
TAKE IT HOW YOU WILL. YOU HAVE HEARD THE WORDS BEFORE, BUT YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN IT VISUALLY. Asero gasped as images flew through his mind. A caveman squatted, tending a fire which kept going out because if rain…A woman watched as Vikings plundered her home…A child cried after cutting his finger…An American soldier held his dying friend…Asero was overwhelmed by the thousands of images flashing through his brain, showing him scenes of sadness and pain. They ended with inky blackness, then a flash of white that blinded him. 
DO YOU SEE. It was more of a statement than a question. Asero could not muster a response. 
“Why me?” Asero forced out. 
“Then I will go. I will free the universe.” Asero was suddenly released, thrown forward into blackness. His consciousness was slipping, but before he blacked out he heard “I AM COMING.” 

Elimelech was jolted awake by a banging on his cell door. It was the Richard fellow. He had several other men with him. 
“Come with us. You’re going to witness the destruction of your planet.” Elimelech bolted upright. He didn’t believe this was going to happen. Destroy the planet? 
“Ah ha, you are probably wondering how we can do that. Well, with the capture of your ship, it is now possible for us to muster the firepower to destroy your land. We don’t have time to analyze your nuclear rockets and make more, but we can use yours. All of you are coming with us. Take the breathing devices in your cells and put them on.” The soldiers and Athalea did so and followed the men when they opened the doors. 
They gathered in what seemed to be the control room. It was a large room with windows spanning half the walls. Catwalks spanned the ceiling, the full height of which was indistinguishable due to a lack of light. A large alien stood in the center of the room. 
“This is Lsird Fraught, the leader of the Kzygic. Everyone say ‘Hi, Fraught.’” The soldiers stood, not moving. 
“Ah, come now. You are guests, it’s only right that you should thank your host for having you over. No matter.” He gestured and several cages were lowered down from the darkness of the ceiling. 
“Mutant Kzygic. We keep it dark up there for them; they prefer it that way. They’d kill us if we didn’t.” An odd voice speaking a foreign language sounded over an intercom. Richard turned to the captives and said “We’ll approach Earth in about six hours.” 

A gloved hand grasped at the sand. Pulling himself forward, Asero reached up again and tugged on the shifting sand. He turned to see how far he’d come and was mildly surprised to see no footprints. There was no wind in this…place…and yet all his footprints had been erased. Asero had been crawling in the sand for what he’d guess was three hours. He’d woken up and found himself almost covered in sand. He walked until he was too tired to do so anymore and had resorted to crawling. His skin was burning inside his suit. He took off his helmet and mask. He was startled when a voice broke through the dead silence. 
“I wish you didn’t hate me.” Asero started up to see his wife leaving his chamber. In dropping his mask, the ‘play video’ function was activated. Asero rewound what it had recorded and watched. 
“Why are you back so early?” 
“I had an equipment malfunction. One of them nearly cut through my helmet.” His wife gasped. 
“Are you alright?” 
“I’m fine. Could you leave me alone?” There was a pause. 
“How many did you kill this time?” 
“Go away now.” How could he have been so callous? 
“I wish you didn’t hate me.” He stopped, rewinding it once more. He wanted to be sure. 
“I wish you didn’t hate me.” Asero watched as a single tear rolled down his wife’s face. I had ignored her! How could I have been like that? 
He began crawling again, holding his helmet. He crawled until he found a Flytube embedded in the sand. Pulling it out, he stepped onto it, pulling his mask and helmet back on. The tube powered up and he flew away from the sand. Turning to look back at what planet he had just left, he nearly fell off his tube when he saw that there was nothing behind him. The sand had disappeared. 


Chapter 7

Elimelech looked up into the ceiling. Something had chattered and he heard the clank of foot upon metal. Richard followed his gaze. 
“One of the mutants. They’re products of early cross breeding mistakes. We don’t have time to eradicate them so we leave them there and keep it dark for them.” Elimelech feigned interest and nodded as if he cared. 
“How much farther now, Captain?” asked Richard of the alien sitting at the control panel. The alien replied in the foreign tongue. 
“Four hours. We’re making good time,” said Richard. 
Elimelech glanced over at Athalea. She was sitting in her cage, her back turned to him. Her world had completely fallen apart: the husband who did not return her love was dead and she was soon to be. She looked up as a sound came from the ceiling. A creak; then the spit of a silenced gun. A horrible creature fell from the darkness of the ceiling and onto the floor. It had the lower torso of a man, but the rest of it was alien. Luminescent green blood poured from a wound in its throat. 
“Relax; they routinely kill each other,” said Richard. 
He didn’t hear the gun! Thought Elimelech. Something other than a mutant is up there, unless they use guns. 
“Eh, Washburn, do the mutants have guns?” 
“It’s Whalburn. And no, they don’t. We’d all be dead.” 
Something is definitely up there. Suddenly a scream tore through the room. A man fell down from the ceiling. His body was jerked hard and an awful gulp was torn from his throat as a silver cable tightened around his neck. He swung from side to side, his feet twitching. A black figure up on a catwalk disappeared to go higher; another mutant crashed down, this time with his head severed from his body. 
“What the…?” said Richard. “I want men up there now. Find out whatever is up there. I hope a mutant hasn’t gotten a hold of weapons.” Several men ran out of the room. Footsteps echoed on the catwalks. Screams echoed through the room. Men and mutants alike fell to the ground, felled by blade wounds. One man jumped from a catwalk, landing on the ground next to Richard. The man who jumped had blonde hair slicked back. He was wearing a long black leather jacket. He grasped a sword in one hand and his other hand was hidden in the sleeve of his jacket. 
“Sir, it’s a soldier. He’s clothed in the same way as the captives. He has a sword and two pistols.” Elimelech started up. Two pistols? Only one soldier wields two pistols. He looked at the other captives; they realized it too. Athalea still sat with her back to everyone. She didn’t know the difference. 
Richard replied to the blonde man “Get him down. I want him dead and then identified.” 
“Yes sir.” The blonde man ran back out and his footsteps were heard on the catwalks. He joined the tussle of men and mutants, launching himself into it. He slammed into the soldier, bringing both of them falling to the floor below. The blonde man was joined by Richard and another man. Elimelech recognized him as Frederickson. Bloody traitor, he thought. 
The three men circled around the soldier, who turned to each of them. He stood straight up, his sword held straight down at his side. His black helmet turned back and forth, sizing up each of his enemies equally. He struck at Frederickson first, coming straight down at his head with his sword. Frederickson blocked it successfully. The soldier turned to feint at Richard, then kicked his knees. He turned again to parry a blow from the blonde man, then swept around in 360 degree spin to ward off Frederickson. He threw himself at the blonde man, striking relentlessly. The blonde man warded off each blow then riposted with one of his own. His hidden arm extended forward, revealing a chunk of metal. A sharp metal prong flicked upward. He now had two blades with which to fight. The soldier surprised him by reversing his sword and knocking him over the head with the handle. The blonde man stumbled backward, dazed by the blow. The soldier flipped backward, barely in time to dodge a bisecting strike from Frederickson. In mid-air, the soldier dropped his sword, which landed in the center of Frederickson’s back. Falling to the ground, Frederickson struggled to grab his fallen sword. The soldier, landing back on his feet, stepped forward, taking his sword from Frederickson’s body and beheading him in one swift stroke. He turned to Richard. Richard was at least half a foot taller than the soldier. He descended upon the soldier in a flurry of devastating strokes. The soldier, pinned against the wall and now fighting Richard and the recovered blonde man, reached forward quickly and grabbed Richard’s neck. A shock of energy surged through Richard’s body. The soldier let go, turning to direct his full attention on the blonde man. Richard slumped to the ground, smoke coming from his body. 
The soldier and the blonde man stared at each other, looking for an opening. They stood as still as possible; the blonde man’s eyes twitching, the fingers of the soldier flexing. They moved at almost they exact same moment. The soldier launched himself at the man; the man jumped at the soldier. They met in mid air, falling to the ground at the same time. The soldier’s sword skidded off to the side. The man’s prong flew into the air, sheared off by the soldier’s sword. The soldier, jumping for his blade, was stopped by a swipe from the flat of the blonde man’s sword. The soldier, dazed, fell to the ground. The blonde man reached forward with his metal arm. Eight jointed, metal fingers reached forward, grabbing the soldier’s helmet. The fingers squeezed. Picking up the soldier, the blonde man lifted him off the ground and shook. The helmet cracked; bits of black metal and glass flew off. The entire helmet shattered. The black mask would not last any time against the relentless squeeze of the mechanical fingers. The soldier gripped the arm, kicking against the man. He swung his leg up, connecting with the flesh and bone elbow of the man. The man dropped the soldier, recoiling from the pain. The soldier drew one of his guns out, pointing in the dead center of the man’s forehead. He pulled off his mask, revealing the face of Asero Mata. 
“Captain! I knew it was you!” 
“Isn’t that predictable?” The blonde man halted the reunion. 
“You won’t make it off alive.” He gestured to one of the aliens, who had been watching the battle with interest. He spoke in a guttural tone; the alien proceeded to punch a button. A red light flashed; the foreign voice spoke again. The blonde man said “The ship will self destruct in about ten minutes.” He swung his metal arm at Asero, who ducked. The man ran through the door. 
“Elimelech, follow him. Take this sword.” Asero unlocked Elimelech’s cell, handing him a sword dropped by one of the men. Asero unlocked the cells of the rest of the men, saying “Run to the ship. Get it powered up. I’ll follow.” They ran off. Asero turned to his wife’s cell. He unlocked it. 
“I’m sorry,” he said, and hugged her. “I will never treat you the same way again.” 

Asero ran through the corridors, followed by his wife. They came upon dead aliens and men, and two dead soldiers: Private Bill Hallings and Sergeant George Ball. Asero took their guns and swords; it wasn’t time to mourn. He handed one of the guns to his wife. 
They made it to the Intrepid Wolf as the walls shook and muffled explosions sounded through the huge alien alien ship. Rushing into the control room, he found Wing Commander Tyrelle Mannard at the controls. 
“Sir, the alien ship is blasting apart in the middle. If we hurry we can get out before we’re taken in the blast.” 
“We wait for Buttons.” 
“But sir–” 
“We wait. He won’t be long.” 
“I’m done.” Elimelech had entered behind Asero and his wife, unnoticed. 
“Is he dead?” asked Elimelech. 
“The blonde guy.” 
“Oh yeah, he’s dead. I killed him.” 
“You’re sure he’s dead?” Elimelech stared at Asero. 
“Well what’s the survival rate of decapitation?” 
“Good.” The Intrepid Wolf blasted out of the hangar. 


Chapter 8

Asero was preparing to relax in the captain’s chair when he heard a loud whoosh outside of the ship. He looked out of the window. Earth floated on the left; Kivijametsa on the right. Fortitude hovered in front of Asero. 
“Sir, what is…?” 
“I don’t know, Commander. This is, at the very least, quite unusual.” 
“Indeed,” said Elimelech, who sat in another chair. Alarms blared. 
“What now?” asked Asero. 
“Uh, sir, the entire Havitt fleet is approaching in front of us…and the entire Army fleet is behind us. This is spooky,” said Mannard. Asero stared outside as a white mass formed in the middle of everything. He didn’t believe it. The white mass that he had hung in. The white mass that had showed him thousands of other’s pain. The white mass that was coming! Asero watched as, impossibly, Earth, Kivijametsa, and Fortitude were sucked into the growing mass, which was now the size of a planet. 
The Havitt warships were sucked in. Earth’s land masses were pulled in. The Nile river was drained. Africa was torn from its roots. Ships crashed. The oceans of Earth, appearing as one huge blob of water, were sucked into the mass, roaring as they went. The mountains bowed, breaking into little pieces as they were all destroyed. It was as if it was all screaming out the beauty of the destructive mass. Words formed in Asero’s mind, huge words that blotted out every other sense. 

Asero walked through a misty forest; his wife was at his side. This was beautiful; Asero felt nothing but peace and happiness. The mist had destroyed all evil; how Asero knew that, he didn’t know. Perhaps it was that Asero felt a part of himself missing; his hate for the aliens was gone. His hate and lust for revenge were missing. He felt whole. All that was good had triumphed over all that was evil. The world would be right. 


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