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The Top 5 Best Superhero Films

If ‘superhero’ was a genre, it would be my favorite. I absolutely love superhero films. Maybe I should call them comic book films. Anyway, here is, IMO (in my opinion, for you computer-lingo-ignorant 🙂 ) the 5 best superhero films.

  • The Dark Knight Yes, you knew I was going to include this one. This is a fantastic film and very accurately interprets a comic book feel to a movie. Everything from the Joker to Gotham city, from Harvey Dent to the explosions, from Batman himself to the action sequences, were fantastic. I admit, the film wasn’t flawless (several plotholes come to mind) but still: a great film.
  • Superman: The Movie This movie is the only other superhero film to have its own city and portray it excellently. The dialogue was fantastic, albeit embarrassing in some scenes (“Pink”). And for 1978, the effects are really good.  Like, ahead of their time good. They have really stood up to the test of time.
  • Spider-Man 2 The first Spidey film was a good introduction to the character, and I haven’t seen the 3rd one yet, but the 2nd one is fantastic. Not overly loaded with action or foul language, an excellent villain, superb action scenes and a love story to boot, Spidey 2 definitely ranks up there with The Dark Knight and Superman.
  • Batman Although I prefer Ledger’s Joker to Nicholson’s, I like Keaton’s Batman/Bruce Wayne better than Bale’s. Bale is made for that kind of a role. He didn’t have to perfect a style of movement and develop a certain way of charmning people. He’s natural at that. However, Keaton, before Batman, was known for comedic roles. Fans were outraged when he was announced as Batman. He wasn’t considered the type of actor to play him. Did he do a great job? He did a great job. He did a near perfect job.
  • Superman Returns I know a lot of people didn’t enjoy this film, and I admit, it has its weak points. But the scene with the bullet smashing against Superman’s eye was simply stunning. An awesome moment. The guy threw everything he had at him, but it was worthless. Nothing fazed Superman. Most superhero films have some sort of a “redemptive” theme, but this is the only one that actually portrays a Christ-like figure. The scene where Superman listens to the world’s pleas with his arms in a crucifix postion comes to mind. Also several points in the dialogue–“…the world doesn’t need a savior, but everyday I hear it calling for one.” That is an excellent line.

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