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“Everything is backwards now, like out there is the true world and in here is the dream.”

And in this quote is presented everything about my feelings for Avatar. Jake Sully (played by blockbuster newcomer Sam Worthington), a paraplegic Marine, is called in to Pandora, a planet chock full of biotic and abiotic wonders, to fill in for his brother. His brother had spent many years training in the Avatar program, a US military program designed to allow Marines and scientists to inhabit the bodies of Na’vi, the indigenous beings of Pandora. The program is used to study and interact with the Na’vi, in order to relocate them to allow the US to gain access to a copious supply of Unobtainium, a mineral that is extremely valuable for some reason. Jake “gets lost in the woods,” or “twitterpated,” falling in love with Neytiri (well portrayed by Zoe Saldana, who made her debut earlier this year in Star Trek), the daughter of the Na’vi chief. And so we see the unfolding of faith and flesh versus greed and iron.

James Cameron stays true to his reputation, bringing us a pretentious film that presents a LOT of wonders to discuss, but leaves us hanging as far as story goes. Really, a robot traveling through time in order to kill the mother of the future leader of revolution is ingenious… but why not travel back right as the boy is being born? And why not send the shapeshifting Terminator first? And why does a movie about a sinking ship need to be over an hour and a half? I’ll be sincere: Avatar is a spectacle. It really is. You know how science fiction/space movies show us completely new planets but then populate them with only one specific type of species and they all act the same (the Star Wars prequels and later episodes of Star Trek are particularly sadly guilty of this)? Yeah Avatar does nothing of that. Cameron takes the Tolkien route and completely creates a new world. The Na’vi coexist with six-legged horses, six-legged panthers, six-legged rhinoceros type beasts (yeah, they are six-legged, which would actually make sense from an evolutionary point of view), dragon-like beasts of burden, and monstrous hammer-headed leather-bodied eagle things. There’s also a nifty chameleon/dragonfly creature that flies on multi-colored whirligig wings. That aspect of the movie is certainly not lacking; Cameron really does show you a new world, as predicted.

And yet, the story feels… somewhat recycled. Is this not what Spanish conquistadors did to Aztecs? Didn’t American cowboys fight this one out with Native Indians? Is this not… what we are doing now to rainforests etc? Naturally, 14% of the earth’s surface is rainforest. We’ve cut that down to 7%. And it could be argued that what conquistadors and cowboys did to Aztecs and Indians was wrong. While these could be virtuous ideas (we are stewards), Avatar is a different beast.

Pantheistic beliefs run rampant. The Tree of Souls, the primary place of worship for the Na’vi, is linked by root systems to all the other trees, and they are sentient ala Grandmother Willow. The Na’vi chant and sing to the trees. They can even attach their tails to the trees and hear the voices of the ancestors. Neytiri even sings “Can You Paint With All the Colors of the Wind” to Jake. (Alright, well I made that one up.) But it wouldn’t be amiss. It’s the same idea. Gold is hard to get, somewhat ‘unobtainable,’ right? Yep.

Avatar does not suffer from stereotypes, as some would have you believe. And yet, its story is fairly old. So while the effects are amazing, groundbreaking, even, and the score is one of the absolute best I’ve heard in a long time, agendas, political correctness, and recycled storylines are truly present in this film. Three out of five stars.

However, I would love to see Jake descending upon that red bird one more time.


Time Magazine Votes Barack Obama “Person of the Year”

Who’s really surprised here? Routinely, liberals and other like minded folks are voted the Person of the Year. I bet I could count on the fingers of both hands how many conservatives have been chosen as the Person of the Year. Last year, Time voted Vladimir Putin Person of the Year. In 1942, they voted Adolf Hitler. They also voted Stalin Person of the Year. Russia is our biggest rival; why was their leader voted Person of the Year by our own people? 

The media is severely out of touch with things. People are admired for things that wold be considered at best useless and at worst appalling 100 years ago. It’s time for conservatives to populate the media; it’s time to give the common folk something other than liberal crap all the time. It’s nearly impossible to not see some kind of conservative bashing on every news channel.


American Swiss Cheese

Our country is in need of some serious security. If there’s anything I have to complain about the Bush administration, that’s it. We just don’t have security. Some who claim to work for national security should have their jobs taken away. In this article the daily life of an illegal immigrant is described. She goes to El Paso, Texas, with a group of immigrants, and they stand outside of businesses and simply beg. And when the day is out, they simply wait to be picked up by the “Border Patrol.” I’ve gotta say, this “Border Patrol” doesn’t deserve the name. This is simply ridiculous. The Border Patrol is to keep illegal immigrants out! To make sure they stay out! These border patrol agents are seriously neglecting their duties to America. “They do qualify for jail and prosecution. However, we’ve got to look at the humanitarian factor first if we are going to have to separate the family.” These are the words of a pure idiot. The humanitarian factor is important, sure, but you are dealing with people who break the law! Law-breakers aren’t due  humanitarian respect. In the very words of the border patrol agent, “they do qualify for jail and prosecution.” Well by all means, jail and prosecute them! It’s these kind of idiotic people that get us into the mess of 9/11 and things of that sort. Listen up, Border Patrol! These immigrants are using you! They do their work and then wait for you to bring ’em home! This is astoundingly ridiculous.

I simply can’t voice my frustration enough. What America really needs to invest in is a real wall. Not like the Great Wall of China, of course; no, we need a wall of Border Patrol outposts. Outposts that are within sight of each other and anything in between them. Our security is not that at all. We have no national security. We need some. It’s hard though, when stupid people say and think things like this: “It’s good to see that the Border Patrol is showing some common sense in dealing with the reality that is life on the border.” This isn’t common sense. This is, as one of my friends says it best, “Human stupidity at its finest.”


Hillary or Obama?

Neither! Ha! Fooled you. I was going for Mike Huckabee. But then John McCain captured the nomination, so I’m going for that guy. But, let me outline why I dislike both Hillary and Obama.

Hillary: She’s Bill’s wife. Ha, but it doesn’t stop there. She looks plastic. Ha! Doesn’t stop there either. I can’t stand her constant: “We have to stop Bush!” Guess what Hillary! No matter who wins in November, BUSH GETS STOPPED! Republicans, Democrats, Ralph Nader (heaven forbid)–no matter who wins, Bush is out of office. He’s stopped no matter what. Secondly, I also can’t stand her (and most Democrats’) constant: “Our soldiers need to come home!” Guess what! Our soldiers are doing a good work. And every other time that we’ve pulled out of wars that weren’t over, things have gone badly. They’ll do it again this time. Why is America so quick to forget? There’s a saying that says something to the effect of “A defeat means nothing if nothing is learned from it.” I forget the actual quote. But it’s true: our country hasn’t really learned anything from defeats in war.

Obama: His middle name is Hussein. No, I don’t discriminate him because of his name–but still, it’s something to think about. Do we want Barack Hussein Obama to lead our country? He also wants to pull out of Iraq. And negotiate with terrorists! You don’t negotiate with people who blind-side you! They’ll prolly bomb the building they’re in with you, just to kill you. It’ll kill them, of course, but they only want one thing: your death. We’ve seen time and again how terrorists are willing to kill themselves for victory–that pretty much is the doctrine of terrorism. You don’t negotiate with people like that.

You know, when I watch Democratic debates, I get the feeling that I’m watching a documentary about monkeys on Animal Planet.

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"I've... seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I've seen C-Beams... glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost... like tears... in rain. Time... to die." ~Roy Batty (Blade Runner)
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