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I Am Legend

I usually don’t like modern horror films. I prefer the ’50s classics. Black and white suits horror so much better, I think. I also don’t particularly care for the modern horror genre because it’s usually just 2 hours of people (usually teenagers) getting slaughtered, with an overload of vulgarities and blood. And they usually don’t give any message, which is why I prefer classic horror, since those always had a message. So, imagine my surprise when I watched this utterly fantastic film. 

I’ve heard that I Am Legend didn’t capture the feel of the original novel. Supposedly, the novel was a huge chess game between Robert Neville and the leader of the Dark Seekers. I haven’t mustered up the courage to read the novel though, as I’ve heard it’s pretty gruesome. But, all I can say is, if the novel was nothing like the 2007 film, then the film is better than the novel, because the film was amazing. It’s a modern day vampire/horror film that has a message. How odd is that?

It definitely has some Christian themes to it. Undoubtedly. Anna’s quote “Now the world is quieter. We can hear God’s plan. All you have to do is listen.” At first it seems like a ridicule of Christianity. But at the end, Neville says “I’m listening.” Oh boy. I seriously about teared up at that part. It was such a great moment. The whole thing with the butterfly was kind of odd, but beautiful also. (Might I recommend, if you went out and bought the two-disc edition, like I did, don’t bother with the alternate ending. It has a point, but it’s kind of dumb.)

Now, there’s some language in this film (the worst being the s-word, but you’ll miss it unless you have the subtitles on) but there’s not a lot. It’s not riddled with bad language. There are also some jump moments that are definitely freaky, including a buildup of suspense. But overall, this is an excellent film. 8/10 stars for I Am Legend.

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