You Call Him Dr. Jones, Doll!

We all know who he is. The Man With the Hat. The whip-cracking, face-punching, smooth-talking archaeologist is one of the most iconic film characters in history. (And my personal favorite.) He comes back on May 22. But let’s look at his previous three films. Raiders of the Lost Ark told the story of how Indiana Jones went running around the world looking for the Ark of the Covenant. It had a decidedly Jewish theme to it, with a Jewish ceremony at the end. The darkest of the three films, Temple of Doom, centered around the story of the Sankara Stones, stones of great power that the Thuggee cult plans to use to destroy the Britains, the Hebrew God, and the Christian God. (“What a vivid imagination”) In the third film, The Last Crusade, Indy embarks on a quest to save his father and eventually to find the Holy Grail, the Cup of Christ. The films center on Judaism, Hinduism, and Christianity, respectively. Now I know for a fact that Steven Spielberg isn’t exactly religious; but what kind of message were he and George Lucas giving? Perhaps they were just writing a good action series; but I doubt that. I believe they were trying to say that we should accept all religions, and they were doing it through a memorable archaeologist. In the first film, Indy understands that he must humble; he tells Marion not to look at the glory of God. (One of the main reasons why I love this movie. Another is that Indy is a hero that I could be.) In the second one, Indy uses his belief in Siva (pronounced Shee-va) to defeat Mola Ram, the evil priest of Kali. (“Mola Ram, prepare to meet Kali…”) In the third film, Indy uses his humility, knowledge, and trust in God to find the Grail. Now I certainly don’t believe in Siva, and I’m not a Jew, but the Indiana Jones films present a respect for religion and the supernatural.


1 Response to “You Call Him Dr. Jones, Doll!”

  1. 1 goragen
    April 16, 2008 at 1:24 am

    Haha…hmm…what on earth made me think that you’d do a post on Indy? Hehe…anyways, good post, Face! I think you’re right when you said that part of their plan was to send the message that we should accept all religions. I must admit I had never caught this before, but now that I’ve thought about it, you’re right. You’re also right when you said Indy is a hero you could be. Once again, I don’t call you Indy for nothing!

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